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Balázs Solti

A graduate in Literature & Russian, Balazs Solti creates illustrations of animals infused with pop culture references.

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Three Of The Possessed

Australian design collective, Three Of The Possessed, avows that its images have been culled from the geometric realm of imagination.

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Monika Strigel

Monika Strigel combines photography, watercolours, typography, illustration and digital techniques in her artwork.

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Terry Fan

Before he could even talk, Terry Fan used to doodle aeroplanes on walls.

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Leigh Viner

Denver-based artist Leigh Viner blends watercolours, ink, acrylic and charcoal to create lush artworks that declare her love for the world of high fashion.

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Mottos by Sinan Saydik

Sinan Saydik studied textile design at the Institute of Fine Art in Istanbul and now works as the head of design at an online fashion retailer.

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