Clean eating has been on the table for quite some time. But what about clean living? A healthy home can go such a long way. Beyond having a positive effect on your general wellbeing, it also benefits the life-loving atmosphere of your interior. Here are our five favourite ways to help make your home more wholesome and beautiful.

1 - Be. Zen.

Feng shui is about optimising the flow of chi a.k.a. life energy. You can keep yin and yang in balance by abiding by certain rules when decorating your interior; good for the mood, good for the soul. A few simple steps will help guide positive energy your way:

The more organised things are, the more balance there is. A small number of carefully selected accessories leave enough space for good chi to envelope the room. Feng shui welcomes elements from nature with open arms. Think flowers, leaves, wood, rocks, shells…Opt for nature-themed prints and enjoy the calming effect they have on your space.

Position your bed so that the head is against a wall—a firm headboard can also do the trick. Wherever it stands, the foot of the bed should not point directly towards a door.

In small doses, colours also great for turning up the dial on that positive chi. On that note, it’s better to pick one and use it sparingly. Otherwise you run the risk of going overboard with too many combinations. Printed home accessories, such as blankets and cushions, as well as natural materials and calm surfaces keep everything in balance.


2 - Breathe

Fresh air is the elixir of life. If you spend too much time breathing in stuffy air, you’ll quickly become tired and find it much harder to concentrate. Intermittent ventilation not only lets in a fresh supply of O2, but is also the energy-saving way of going about things. If your heater is causing the air in your home to get too dry, simply place a bowl of water in the room while you’re heating up the room. You could also consider buying a diffusor.

3 - Take on regular temperatures

Are you one of those people who has the heater on full blast for months on end? Or is your home one of those giant fridges, where the A.C. and fan are always running in full swing? 20–22 degrees should be an acceptable climate for most people to be able to comfortably enjoy spending time in their own living room. Bedrooms, on the other hand, can be a little bit cooler. 18 degrees is generally sufficient for a snooze. Turn off your heater when you open the windows to ventilate or when you leave the house.


4 - See the light of day

Daylight is vital for certain biochemical processes in our bodies—the happiness inducing compound serotonin, for example, is boosted when you have access to more sunlight. The sun also plays its part in contributing to a positive and friendly atmosphere. So tear open those blinds and let in the light!

After the earth’s biggest star bids you goodnight, artificial lighting sets the scene and drives the mood. A combination of direct and indirect lighting makes for the perfect mix. Smaller light sources, such as candles and fairy lights, help illuminate specific corners of or elements in the room.

5 - Go green

House plants don’t just bring life into your home, but they also have an effect on the quality of the air. Herbaceous plants clean the air in the room and can even increase oxygen levels. Peace lilies, spider plants, ficus trees, aloe veras, ferns and the back-in-fashion rubber plants are at the top of the O2-producing plant pyramid.

Show your appreciation for all the hard work they put into keeping the air in your home clean. Adding a tablespoon of coffee grounds to their soil, or watering them with stale mineral water from time to time, is the perfect way to say thank you in plant-language.

Any and all flora placed in your care is destined to die? We've got you covered!

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Text: Magdalena Schmidt