Designer chairs, cats, dogs, monsteras and colourful wall décor: you shared your most beautiful interior styles via #juniqe #arteverywhere and we fell in love! Here are our favourites from the @juniqeartshop community, captured by you, for you.

The ying and yang of living

Even if art isn’t always so black and white, we’re big fans of monochrome prints. Black and white furnishings aren’t just trendy, they create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, while also making your home appear more spacious. And the more discreet the colour scheme, the more room there is for wall art and accessories, without disrupting the harmony of the room. A few large, green plants round off the look beautifully, adding a touch of comfort. Et voilà—you’ve mastered the ying and yang of living!


The four-pawed influencer

Our furry friends have been busy bees of late. After all, we’ve unanimously elected them the stars of our Instagramosphere. Hardly a surprise, really—in print or in person, they bring our homes to life. Can you think of anything that can lounge more elegantly on the rug that a fierce feline? Didn’t think so. After all, cats make the internet go round!


Blue is the warmest colour

From the deep, natural hue of the ocean, to the faded azure of the autumn sky, this season, blues are in. And some carefully chosen accessories really stand out. Create a cosy and elegant atmosphere by combining navy with gold. Splashes of colour add a playful touch. Feeling blue? Brighten up with cushions and wall art in dark shades of blue. As they say, it’s the warmest colour.


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Text: Laura Veneklaas

Translation: Nicholas Potter