Christmas is like a night of shooting stars: a long-awaited desire that fades away all too quickly. All the more reason to savour the festive period with art and decorations. You’ve wrapped your presents, arranged your dinner dates and stocked up on mince pies. All that’s missing are the aesthetic trimmings. So here are three interior trends to see in the Yule season in style. Merry Christmas!

In December, we tend to be real homebodies. As we celebrate the magic of Advent with our nearest and dearest, our home becomes the backdrop to presents and feasts galore. Alongside a traditional Christmas tree (be it real or fake), decorations are obviously also an aesthetic must. Cosy cushions, fluffy blankets and wintry wall art make for a snug atmosphere in which to spend our festive days.

The Classic – Christmas cushions with a sprinkle of tradition

While the snowflakes tango in the winter wind, the warm stove crackles away inside. A dazzling Christmas tree stands in flickering candlelight, while the aroma of cinnamon stars and mulled wine wafts from the kitchen. It’s the little touches that truly make Christmas. Sparkling baubles, fir sprigs and golden accessories perfectly complement playful ornaments, delicate illustrations and traditional motifs on comfy Christmas cushions and fleece blankets. Pine cones, mistletoe and baked treats round off the timeless, fairytale feel.


The Evergreen Look – natural Christmas decorations

Why, please do come in! Dust that snow off your coat and swap those heavy boots for some comfy slippers. After extensive excursions to snowy peaks, frozen lakes and enchanted winter forests, there’s nothing better than warming up at home with a hot cup of tea and some homemade cake.

The silence of the wilderness echoes through own four walls and Christmas decorations. That means plenty of wood, a natural colour palette, green plants and little gifts from nature scattered around. Part Nordic, part nostalgic and, above all, down-to-earth like the roots of an evergreen. From snowswept forests to majestic mountains, hang pictures of places you yearn to visit and create a cosy atmosphere that invites nature-lovers to dream of their next adventure.


Modern Minimalism – Christmas decorations in black & white

“I’m dreaming of a black and white Christmas….” Sometimes less is more. Enter: the modern minimalist look. Adorn your home with black and white candles, monochrome Christmas mugs and sofa cushions with frosty, geometric patterns. Long after the festivities have passed, these slow-burners will leave a lasting impression.

Deck your walls with typographic prints and elegant fine art photography for a subtle effect, perfectly complementing black and white furnishings. A simple, yet beautiful, style for art lovers who want to remain true to their stripped-back aesthetic, even at the festive time of year.


Countdown to Christmas: 24 days, 24 posters

The best thing about Christmas? Well, that would clearly have to be unwrapping presents, especially the surprise and joy they bring. With our 2017 Advent calendar you can open a little gift each day, as each box contains one of our 24 favourite designs of the year. Perfect not just for gifting, but also for decorating—transform your home with festive wall art and magical Christmas decorations and let the merriment begin!

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Text: Valeria Sambale
Translation: Nicholas Potter