Seebrücke — Poster

by Michael Belhadi

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Michael BelhadiPoster
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Gallery-quality fine art print with a 1 cm white border. The semi-gloss finish creates a slightly shiny effect.

All paper is sustainably sourced from FSC-certified forests and existing timber industry stocks, meaning no additional trees are felled to produce our prints.

To cut down on production waste, all prints and posters are made to order. We work closely with our producers on every order to ensure the highest possible quality.

About the artist

Michael Belhadi

You maybe wouldn’t guess from my work that I started out photographing surgeries for medical journals. I still take the same scientific approach to my subjects, only now it’s to show new ways of seeing the guts of a city, and not a person.

Michael Belhadi

Michael Belhadi began his career taking pictures of surgical procedures for medical journals. These days, the Berlin-based photographer delves beneath the surface of famous metropolises to reveal the true heart of a city. Focusing on locations that lie under the radar of the casual observer, he uncovers beauty in the most ordinary of settings. From vivid snapshots of subterranean hubs like Berlin’s subway system to muted studies of world famous landmarks, each photo shows its subject in a new light.