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The party queen

Invitations are issued via Facebook, email and also again in person. Save the date and get your glitter on, b*tches! The party queen unapologetically admits that she wants to be the centre of attention.

But at least it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the knees-up of the year, if not also the hangover of the century. So what can you give the party queen as a present apart from piñata and a sparkling tiara?

Our birthday gift idea for her? A cuddly fleece blanket with a cocktail motif for spaced-out sofa days or a motivational print to get her out of bed come Monday.

For modest ones

Your current crush doesn’t want to do “anything big, just a few chilled drinks—no presents please.” But of course, a bit of attentiveness will make them happy and bring a smile to their face on their special day. So this is your chance to show them with a small present that you know them well and aren’t just a random birthday crasher.

Write them a nice birthday card or find a photo print to go above their new kitchen table and leave grabbing any old bottle of wine from the shelf to the others.

The escapist

Escapists are tricky ones to pin down as they’re often nowhere to be found on their special day, having fled to a spa or Italy or somewhere. Any celebration will be subtle and only with the closest of friends. You’ve earned your invitation to steamy paradise through sheer awesomeness (though helping lug all those boxes the last time they moved certainly didn’t hurt your chances).

But when their stealthy bash moves to Tuscany next year, do you still want to be part of the chosen few? Well, then find a unique 30th birthday gift to perfectly match their taste: handpicked art.

Whether they’d rather remain incognito or like to sing it loud, when it’s your nearest and dearest’s birthday, you shouldn’t come empty handed. From a handwritten card to a large, framed print—we’ve got birthday gift ideas for every kind of person.