Sunshine, turquoise waters, pristine beaches, cloud-crested mountains, and the gentle scent of rosemary filling the air...Talk about dreamy.

But wait, there’s more: In Ajaccio, a beautiful, modern villa (complete with swimming pool) stands out from the wild coastline, elegantly decorated and with a breathtaking view. The perfect place to admire a sunset on the horizon, sip a cocktail with your feet in the water, or enjoy a plate of Corsican specialities on the magnificent terrace.

What looks like an idyllic holiday setting from the outside is actually the home of YouTuber Lola Rossi (@lola_rossi_) and her family—her partner Laurent, and their two adorable children, Emma and Charlie. If you step through their front door, you’ll find a bright and minimalist interior, which gives way to the beautiful landscape outside, and reflects Lola’s simple, and clutter-free approach to daily life

With her radiant smile and sunny outlook, it’s no surprise that people are drawn to Lola, and soon fall under her spell—her several hundred thousand subscribers are a testament to this! We were no exception, which is why we gave her free reign to curate a collection personal to her. We also asked her a few questions to find out a little more about her taste, her inspiration, and the island that she holds so close to her heart.

You live in Corsica, an island of Mediterranean beauty and a dream tourist destination. Can you tell us how you came to be here and who you share your life with?

Although my mother is Corsican, I was actually born in Grenoble. But I’ve spent all my holidays with her side of the family here in Corsica since I was a child. When I was about 14, we moved to Ajaccio and I never left! My roots are here, and I have built my family here with my partner Laurent and our two wonderful little girls, Emma and Charlie. I’m happy here, and I couldn't see myself living anywhere else.

What are your favourite places on the island? Any recommendations for our next holidays?

It's hard to choose my favourite places, there's so much to see and discover! Besides our home, where I love to spend my time, I like to go out into nature. Corsica is a mountainous island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, so there are plenty of walks and hikes to do, as well as beautiful beaches, creeks to swim in or opportunities to go boating, as well as picturesque villages to see and unspoilt wilderness to visit...Everything is magnificent! Personally, I think you should travel all over the island—ideally staying at least 10 to 15 days—to make the most of it.

How does your interior influence your style and family life?

I'd say it's quite the opposite! If anything, it's our family life that has influenced our interior design choices. From the layout of the rooms—we had our house built and chose everything from A to Z—to the choice of materials and decoration, everything is rooted in our lifestyle. For example, in the master suite, we’ve created a sort of ‘circuit’ system so that the first person to get up (in this case my partner who gets up at 6am!) can get ready without waking up the other person by going through the bathroom and then the dressing room without coming back to the bedroom. So, the house really has been thought out in a way to fit our lifestyle. We spend most of our time as a family in the main room overlooking the sea, which is made up of the living room, the dining room, and our open kitchen. It’s the centrepiece and the heart of our house, and my daughters love it too.

In terms of decoration, I get bored quite quickly and so I really like to change it up. I chose a colour palette in shades of white, cream, grey, wood, and black to bring in some contrast, for a minimalist and refined look.

I also add touches of colour according to the seasons. For example, I change my posters and cushion covers, and like to use colours that are rather soft for winter and warmer for summer. Right now, I’m into forest green and beige tones for accessories and soft tones for posters.

Where do you get your inspiration for your interior design and what are your tips for finding your style?

I draw my inspiration mainly from Instagram and Pinterest, which are true gold mines! You can really find everything you need, and it’s a good place to really figure out your individual taste by pinning a lot of photos and seeing the common thread that links them in terms of style. Then, it's a case of mixing up the ideas that you’re drawn to in order to create a style that is 100% you.

Can you tell us about the posters you chose for your collection with JUNIQE? Which one is your favourite?

I chose designs that I love and that I have at home. They are ones that work with all of the seasons, which have beautiful landscapes, inspiring prints and some warmer colours for that Mediterranean touch—especially with Leigh Viner’s pieces, “Bloomseries Cadmium”, “Willowm 20” and “Lemonstudy 1”, which I display in my bedroom during the summer months.

I also love Victoria Verbaan's black and white watercolours of female bodies. I’ve put up "A Minikin" in my office, "Hello The Dandizette" in my walk-in closet, and "Dance with Me" in my bedroom! I find that they have a side that is both mysterious and very poetic.

Thank you, Lola! Explore Lola’s collection, and bring a little Mediterranean magic to your interior...

Text: Roxane Pronier

Translation: Anna Fleck