Tuck in: Breakfast with Our Artists Tuck in: Breakfast with Our Artists

JUNIQE x mymuesli

JUNIQE x mymuesli

Together with mymuesli we’ve developed an exclusive collection that features our artists’ work on six boxes of muesli. How does it work? First you fill up each box with the cereal and ingredients of your choice. Then you top off all the sweet deliciousness with decorative packaging.

Speaking of breakfast foods, are you curious as to which of our creatives can’t get enough of avocados? And who once rustled up boiled eggs in the middle of the desert? Read on to discover everything from our artists’ must-have ingredients to their favourite breakfast locations.

Swen Swensøn: self-confessed early bird and coffee addict

Bright and early at 7:00 am, the Leipzig-based graphic designer is woken up by his alarm. He usually kicks off the day by taking his dog for a walk in the forest close to home. While his trusty canine friend roams through the woods, Swen lets his ideas and imagination flow free. Back at home, he likes his breakfast to be quick and tasty—preferably muesli with dates and chunks of chocolate.

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Mareike Böhmer: a bon vivant with a soft spot for avocado

Whenever her jam-packed work routine allows it, Mareike Böhmer prefers having breakfast in a café. Here the creative mother-of-two spoils herself to avocado toast and freshly-squeezed orange juice while she observes her fellow diners in peace. When it comes to her most cherished breakfasting memory, Mareike recalls her experience caravanning in Norway and Sweden, where she would sit back and tuck in surrounded by the open countryside.

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Laura O’Connor: a sucker for lie-ins and breakfast in bed

For Laura O’Connor, sleeping in is the key to a stress-free start to the day. Before delving into her illustrations, the New Zealand-based artist ensures she is up-to-date with her emails, Instagram feed and the latest news from her home country. Once that’s out of the way, she is ready to delight in a hearty breakfast of eggs served with toast, croissants or pretzels— preferably savoured from the comfort of her own bed.

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Chris Abatzis: all-round gourmand and adventure seeker

The word routine doesn’t exist in Chris Abatzis’ world. For the globetrotting photographer and ex-graphic designer, breakfast should be changed up a little every single morning: from savoury to sweet, and back to savoury again. The adventurous Berliner can, however, settle on one thing without a doubt—the best breakfast he’s ever had, namely the time he boiled eggs in hot springs of the Atacama Desert at an altitude of 4,300 metres. Completely at one with nature.

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Iris Lehnhardt: the ultimate foodie with a wholesome lifestyle

Once late riser Iris Lehnhardt has wrapped up her morning yoga routine, she prepares herself a balanced breakfast using fresh and healthy ingredients. For the talented painter, what really hits the spot is a bowl of oat muesli with raspberries, or bread served with tomatoes and cucumber. Above all, Iris likes to have breakfast in her own kitchen, from which the stunning views over her studio and garden serve as inspiration for her work.

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Text: Ina Schulze

Translation: Lucy Woods