It’s 2017. We are human. We live off the land. We thrive on sunshine. We are dependent on water for survival. No matter how fast-paced, high-tech, 24-7, urban-maniac our lives get, it’s in our nature to strive for a stronger relationship with: nature. We are all gardeners of life.

Back to the roots

We value organic food on our plates and purchase air purifying plants for our homes We (re)cycle where we can. We lie in the park in summer, we ski down mountains in winter. We fly to the furthest corners of the globe to fall asleep to the sound of waves. We seek fulfilment and happiness, love and compassion. And when we tear ourselves away from our screens for ten minutes, we glance out the window and know what’s missing. Yes, our lives need more Greenery.

Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.
Leatrice Eisemann, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

This isn’t poetry. We know it’s January, grey, freezing and light is scarce. Okay, you still have some leftover candles from Christmas, but the needles on the wreaths have dried out and fallen. The mistletoe is withered and wilted. The family has left, the celebrations are over. Political uncertainty looms on the horizon. Well, dear people, this time of darkness and cloudiness is the perfect time for more Greenery!

Who says you have to wait for spring to bring it all back to life? Who says that you can’t move on to greener pastures whenever the mood strikes you? Who says you can’t turn over a new leaf and come home to a trendy palette of nature-loving-shades and popping pastels every single day of the year? Design won’t save the world. But it damn sure makes it look good.

The time is now, dear green-hearted art lovers. Join us on a mission to follow Pantone’s lead and make the world just a little bit Greenery!

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Text: Maia Frazier