Whether you’re in the process of setting up a humble Scandinavian-esque abode, or wildly dreaming of recreating Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico: your home is your temple. And it deserves to be decorated and designed in a way that would be fit for the gods!


This may seem like aiming for the sky, but we assure you, there’s need to move mountains in order to reach nest-nirvana. We put together 5 great interior and decorating tips to help artfully turn your newly-christened personal space into a reflection of who you are. So soak up some inspiration, try things out and (re)create the ideas in whatever way sings “Home” to you.

1. Let your walls work wonders.

Turn empty wall space into your very own growing gallery by carefully creating a mixed-media collage using photos, posters, magazine snippets, doodles, postcards and beautiful objects. It only takes a couple of thumbtacks, the driving of a few nails and some washi-tape to make magic happen - the more you mix, the merrier.


If you’re feeling a bit unsure about where to start, try laying out 3-5 pictures on the floor and play around with different arrangements. Switch things up, until you find the composition that will best accentuate the space. On a side note, if you want to quickly master the art of hanging - check out our How to Hang a Gallery Wall tutorial.

2. Get cozy.

With home accessories such as printed pillows, decorative blankets or meticulously matched curtains, the next step is creating your comfort zone. Moving into a slumber, it’s easy to design your own dreams when you sleep in a four-poster bed. But that’s pretty 1567.

Who needs old-school headboards, when you can spend your nights sleeping under sheets that looks like they fell out of a top interior Pinterest board? And you can be sure to find magazine-worthy prints for your pillowcases in our collection of cushion covers.

While we’re on the topic of R&R, even the bathroom can do with a bit of bling - our contemporary shower curtains are so arty-licious, they could almost sing for you. Gone are the days when boring white tiles are boringly accentuated with neon toothbrushes.

Be confident in finding a colour for each room that resonates with your mood. It’ll pull the whole look together if you make sure the colours are recurrent within their realms.


3. Give everything some structure.

Colour-coding is especially important for tying a look together in smaller apartments. It helps to divide space into visual areas. This gives your eyes something to rest on and will set your mind at ease. If you’re ready to look design in the face, we have wallpaper that will definitely stand out.

You can also crank up the charisma with a monochromatic statement. All you have to do is spin the colour wheel and reach for a paintbrush. A pastel wall, for example, is most suitable for a more clean and classic look. An electrically varnished door on the other hand, is energising for the retro-soul.

Carpets and furniture are also great aides when dividing up a room. The more neutral your fixtures, the easier it will be to work with colours or patterns to accentuate specific areas. Going with a theme such as ‘ethnic’, ‘metallic’ or ‘nautical’ will provide a flexible framework. Never be afraid to change things up.


4. Let there be light.

There is no better way to set the mood than making sure you can revert to different sources of light. At best, spread out options throughout each room. You can make a space magical with a chain of fairy lights on top of a chest of drawers. Some eye-catching candlesticks as a centrepiece for the dining table or a single bulb hanging above your desk will bring together form and function as the evening progresses.

Now that you’ve set the room alight, it’s time to give it some character. House plants and flowers bring positive energy and clean air into your realm. If you like change, stop by a florist once a week on your way home. You’ll soon find yourself and forever enjoying the scent of fresh flowers, while always having something beautiful but different to look at.

If you’re a gardener at heart, go all in with some hanging beauties such as a spider plant or Soleirolia. In case you are forever convinced that all plants are destined to die before ever even reaching your window sill: place your trust in a timeless set-up of cacti and succulents. And if that isn't for you, check out our botanical prints. Whatever you go for, a little light and a touch of life, will go a long way.


5. Remember: less is more.

Yes, it’s really true. This isn’t just some saying that interior decorators throw around to make you feel insecure about your attempts to DIY. Cluttered surfaces cloud your ability to enjoy the special environment you are creating for yourself. Honour the work you put into your home by using boxes, baskets or compartments to stow all that ’stuff’ away. Messy shelves can easily be masked with a beautiful curtain.

Openly embrace the things that you use every day by integrating them into the holistic concept. Your favourite shoes, for example, will look much better when propped up on an eye-catching shoe rack, rather than being effortlessly flung across the floor of your hallway. Knick-knacks and decorative items can become part of a wandering exhibition, if you purposefully place them on free surfaces. Perhaps even try moving them around from time to time to mix things up a bit.

And last but not least: get rid of all that sh*** you don’t need. And by ‘don’t need’ we mean the junk you once bought and never used but has somehow miraculously made it through three moves (which is probably about the only time you dust them off, only to place them in the next forgotten corner ‘just in case’).

It’s pretty easy to turn your house into a home. You just have to put a little time, a little thought and a lot of love into it. So move baby, move!

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Text: Magdalena Schmidt