An A-Z Only Parents Will Understand An A-Z Only Parents Will Understand

Celebrating the joys and challenges of raising children

Celebrating the joys and challenges of raising children

Raising children—every family does it differently. While some parents keep their little ones wrapped in cotton wool, others adopt a more laissez-faire approach. Yet if we look beyond the strategies of parenting, it becomes clear that there are plenty of aspects of being a mum or dad that we all can relate to.

Let the following alphabetic ode to the ups and downs of parenting take you on the ride!

A is for ape, aka your cheeky monkey who wants to play. Whether hopscotch, Simon says, or hide and seek, they can run around all day.

B is for banana, it’ll put hairs on their chest! With one packed into their lunchbox, they’ll pass every test.

C is for crayons, to keep them quiet for a while. Their colourful creations are sure to make you smile.

D is for getting dressed, go on, let them do the choosing! And praise them for their style, however adorably amusing.

E is for elephants. Scary wild things? No way! Dumbo, Elmer, Nellie...they’re friendly giants, tall and grey.

F is for fries, from the chip shop down the street. Add some sausage or battered fish, and Friday dinner is complete.

G is for generosity, a vital trait to teach. Show them that sharing really is caring; not just a figure of speech!

H is for hound, your beloved family dog. Always ready for his walkies—come wind, rain or fog!

I is for imagination, let your little ones’ roam free. Just like in Toy Story...Mum and Dad, do you believe?

J is for jumping jacks, c’mon kids, let’s keep fit! In the meantime, all you need is a bench on which to sit…

K is for kindergarten, where independence really starts. They’re growing up fast, and with pride swells your heart.

L is for the endless hours of laughter, giggles and fun. The happiness that a child brings truly is second-to-none.

M is for milk, for healthy bones and teeth. Enjoy a glass before bed, or with some cereal oh-so-sweet.

N is for naughtiness, that inevitable part of youth. Make sure to set some rules; they don’t (yet) rule the roost!

O is for “oh gosh!”, those moments of surprise. They keep you on your toes, so you gotta improvise!

P is for PlayStation, they can be at it for hours. For a change, why not send them out to pick you some wildflowers?

Q is for quack, all those fun animal sounds. Teach them Old McDonald, and hear it sung round and round...

R is for rabbit, the other cute family friend. Let him bound around the house or munch lettuce in his pen.

S is for sleep, whether it’s naptime or night. With a sweet kiss and a short story, they’ll be out like a light.

T is for TV, a means of getting some peace. Leave them be while you go savour your caffeinated release.

U is for upside-down, all the disorder and the mess. This comes with every child’s upbringing, so please mum and dad, don’t stress!

V is for vaccinations, they may cause a little pain. But it’ll keep them fit and healthy, you’ll lovingly explain.

W is for water, it’s time to take a bath. With a rubber duck and some bubbles, they’ll sure make a splash!

X is for xylophone, go on, teach them “do, re, mi”...and they’ll keep busy tapping away like a Mozart-to-be.

Y is for yawning, a habit you can’t seem to shake. Remember it’s allowed from time to time to treat yourself to a break.

Z is for zoo, a most special place to visit. Take the kids for a day out and they’ll sure love every minute.

From early morning get-ups to storytelling before bed, our everyday experiences and environments change so much when another little addition arrives into the family!

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Text: Laura Veneklaas

Translation: Lucy Woods