A Gift Guide for Baking Lovers A Gift Guide for Baking Lovers

Find the perfect wall art for your sweet-toothed friends

Find the perfect wall art for your sweet-toothed friends

We all know someone who enjoys whisking up sweet treats in their free time. Whether baking for their family, friends or coworkers, they can often be found beavering away in the kitchen, surrounded by their cookbooks, mixing bowls and secret ingredients.

So, in the spirit of the Great British Bake Off, we’ve put together your wall art gifting recipe to please any dessert lover—from your wholesome vegan sibling to that creative coworker who takes after Heston Blumenthal. Finding gifts for bakers is as easy as pie!

For the fun-loving people-pleaser

This is the friend who’s always inviting you over for a cup of tea and a homemade brownie. And when it’s time to celebrate someone’s birthday, they’re the first volunteer to bring along their latest confection—something that’ll tempt everyone’s appetite, from a scrumptious chocolate sponge to a tray of adorable cupcakes.

Bright, fun and bound to please—these qualities don’t only describe your friend’s baking, but also their personality and outlook on life. They’re destined to decorate their kitchen or dining room with vibrant wall décor like Kitchen Mess and Weekend Donuts, which mirror their characteristic playfulness and lust for life.

For the aspiring Mary Berry

This person takes their baking seriously. For them, dessert-making is more than a hobby—it’s a science in itself, and even a potential career path. Whenever they can, they like to bury themselves in cookbooks, learn new baking techniques and practise them with precision to the finest degree. Their big showstoppers could be anything from an exquisite soufflé to their own spin on the infamously difficult éclair.

The budding pâtissier is best-suited to wall art that pays homage to their precision and patience in the kitchen. Opt for Elena Veronese’s meticulously-aligned strawberries or an intricate lemon illustration from the Vintage Print Collection—and show them how impressed you are by their culinary prowess.

For the domestic god(dess) of the family

For the father or mother hen of the household, baking is all about the bread and butter. In other words, whisking up things that are simple yet tasty, and capable of feeding and pleasing the whole family. Think scones, Victoria sponge, gingerbread and more.

This print, Sauerteigbrot No.1 by Eat this!, is the perfect gift for the baker who runs the family home. Just like their go-to bakes, it’s modest and understated, yet unquestionably mouth-watering. If you think they’d rather receive something that the kids will appreciate too, however, then we’d also recommend the “Food Alphabet” collection by BLAEK Design Studio—great for hanging up in the dining room and helping the little ones learn.

For the wholesome clean-eater

Whether watching their figure or looking out for the environment, this clued-up baker swears by natural sugars and organic ingredients. Through their home there flows the tempting aroma of candied fruits and steamed vegetables. And when they bring a surprise into the office, it’s usually along the lines of avocado mousse or artichoke bread—desserts as healthy as they are irresistible.

What to gift this wholesome friend? Go for a statement piece such as this juicy avocado by Lila x Lola, which pays tribute to one of their favourite ingredients and, just like them, dares to stand out from the crowd. Or explore more of our fruit- and vegetable-themed wall art, and find them a real rare gem of a gift.

Text: Lucy Woods