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Top 100 gift ideas for him

At a loss what to give your boyfriend, dad or brother? Get inspired by our gift ideas and add a dash of colour to his home.

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He insisted on no presents but you still want to put a smile on his face? Surprise him with something small but special.

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Gifts for sports fans

Whether he's a surfer, skater or swimmer—with the right present you're guaranteed to knock his sports socks off.

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In focus: the beauty of a fleeting second, captured for all eternity. Find inspiring wall art for people who like to live in the moment.

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What's small, practical, versatile and grants an art lovers' every wish? Correct, a JUNIQE gift card!

What's small, practical, versatile and grants an art lovers' every wish? Correct, a JUNIQE gift card!

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Your partner in crime

Your significant other, hubby or just a special someone—his flat is your home away from home. You stare at his kitchen wall almost as often as he does, but his 1999 Man U calendar isn’t quite cutting it aesthetically anymore. So why not give him a decorative nudge in the right direction with a poster to adorn his walls you can both admire?

From city prints and maps of your favourite holiday destinations, to a poster of the film you saw on your first date—show your affection with a present for him that symbolises "us". Because home is where the art is.

Superdad, away!

He let you play with his remote-control car as a kid and you broke it by mistake. He didn’t get angry. His patience knows no bounds. Your ice cream fell on the floor, so he gave you his. He didn’t complain. He told a dad joke instead. Sometimes heroes don’t wear capes. Enter: Superdad!

Show your love with the perfect present for your dad—pay homage to his headbanger days, athletic prowess or automobile infatuation with album artwork, classic car prints and sports posters.

For the man who has everything

Gadgets, gizmos and all the like—he’s that friend or brother who has everything. Well, almost. The hobbyist, aficionado, TV junkie and man cave dweller par excellence, eclecticism reigns supreme in his bachelor pad. But why not add a touch of art to complement his passions and interests.

Find the ideal gift for him. Spruce up his wardrobe with a T-shirt referencing one of his favourite films, memes or series. Spice up his abode with a framed vintage poster. Or why not tag his walls with a print by his favourite street artist?