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Art makes life more beautiful. Take inspiration from the décor trends, artist interviews, home stories, and more in our online magazine.

Art makes life more beautiful. Take inspiration from the décor trends, artist interviews, home stories, and more in our online magazine.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2020: 19-4052 Classic Blue

Every December, the Pantone Institute announces the ‘Color of the Year’, paving the way for future fashion and design trends. For 2020, the colour experts chose a timeless colour that boasts both beauty and depth: Classic Blue 19-4052.

Abstract Expressionism: Translating Gestures and Feelings

What if art was the product of a real physical performance? If it was brought to life not by detailed final touches, but rather by the artist's gestures visible on the canvas, the movements of the brushstrokes, and the superimposed textures?

From Nature's Outcasts to Trending Motifs

Since time began, the cute and cuddly animals of the world have occupied a place in our hearts. However, you might have noticed the recent trend that celebrates some slightly more unusual characters. Across the design world, from fashion to art and interiors, insects, sea creatures and birds are having their moment in the sun.

JUNIQE artist

A Conversation with Farina Kuklinski

Farina Kuklinski is a firm believer that “The most beautiful things arise when you are freed from guidelines and expectations”. This belief is evident in the non-prescriptive, flowing form of her watercolour designs, and her laid back approach to committing her ideas to paper.

Gifting & Trends

The Art of Keeping a Diary

Whether you're keeping track of your schedule, preserving holiday memories or analysing your dreams, there's an art to keeping a diary.

Interiors & Décor

Colour Wheel: Red

Passion, romance, confidence: Red is a colour that speaks volumes. Learn how to harness the power of this vibrant hue to bring your interiors to life.

Gifting & Trends

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Flat white or double espresso? Whatever gets them out of bed in the morning, they'll love these coffee-inspired gifts.

Interview with Marcus Cederberg

"Say more by showing less": Marcus Cederberg's photography is simple, eye-catching and full of meaning. Delve into his musings on the art of minimalism.

Interiors & Décor

How to Redecorate As Your Kids Grow up

From newborn bambinos to fully-fledged adults, follow our guide to redecorating your kid's room according to their age and all the interests that go with it.

Interiors & Décor

Before x After: Living Room Wall Art

From boho-chic to modern minimalism, learn how four savvy Instagrammers transformed their living rooms with wall art. Be inspired by the pros!

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Sebastian Hilgetag

Sebastian Hilgetag talks about life in Berlin, his journey to becoming a photographer, and his opinion on the difference between a snapshot and a photo.

Interiors & Décor

Colour Wheel: Orange

From fiery sunsets to tangerine architecture—learn all about our orange wall art and the uplifting, energising effect it can have on your mood and your home.

JUNIQE artist

JUNIQE x Viva con Agua

Meet the artists who created prints for our Viva con Agua collection, supporting the charity's goal of making clean water accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Interiors & Décor

A Tribute to the Bauhaus Movement

Bauhaus turns 100: celebrate this centenary with us by reading our 6-step tribute to the one of the most influential design movements of the modern era.

JUNIQE artist

A Conversation with Julia Hariri

An artist of many passions, Julia Hariri reveals the meaning behind her watercolours and line drawings. Share her creative inspiration and lust for life!

Interiors & Décor

Parenting from A to Z

Celebrate parenting in all its ups and downs with our alphabetic ode to raising children—featuring our favourite ABC posters for the kids' room.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Céleste Wallaert

Femininity, empowerment and equality: these values play a vital role in the life and work of Céleste Wallaert. She's a real role model for us all, full of energy, dreams and hopes. Step into her shoes with us and see the world in her eyes.

Gifting & Trends

Collage Art Explained

Alluding to pop culture, fairytales and more, collage art tells a fascinating story. Join us as we unravel the meaning of some our artists’ collage prints.

Interiors & Décor

An Ode to Grey Décor

Effortlessly chic, oh-so-versatile and full of emotions—grey is the dark horse of the colour wheel. Discover its beauty in our ode to grey home décor.

Gifting & Trends

Gift Guide: Baking Lovers Edition

Finding gifts for bakers is as easy as pie! Follow our recipe to please any baking lover—with prints of delectable treats, natural ingredients, and more.

Meet the JUNIQE Team

JUNIQE wouldn’t be JUNIQE without our talented team of employees. Discover their passions, pastimes and the artworks that most inspire them.

JUNIQE artist

A Conversation with Roberto H

Symmetrical architecture, chaotic crowds and rolling landscapes: discover the world through an alternative lens—that of photographer Roberto H.

Trendiest Bedrooms of Instagram

Discover the #juniqe community bedrooms that best showcase the current trends in interior design: boho-chic, serene greens and monochrome.

Art Astrology: Written in the Stars

Every zodiac sign has its own traits—and these align themselves with different aesthetic motifs. Find out which ones are destined for your star sign.

2019 Pantone Colour of the Year

Energetic, expressive and enlivened—PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral dares us to dive to new depths and embrace our vivacious side.

Gifting & Trends

A Guide to Wrapping Gifts

Looking for gift wrapping inspiration? Our tips will help you choose the perfect wrapping paper and embellishments to please your loved ones.

Gifting & Trends

18th Birthday Gift Ideas

18 at last! Take inspiration from our five unique birthday gift ideas and make entering a new chapter in life an unforgettable experience.

Interiors & Décor

Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

Live in harmony with the healing powers of nature: follow our tips to nourish positive qi in your bedroom, living room and bathroom.

JUNIQE artist

Fine Art Photography à la JUNIQE

Black and white, or in full colour? Picturesque landscapes or detailed portraits? Discover more about our editors' favourite photographers.

JUNIQE artist

At Home with Pixiswelt

We visited Berlin-based Instagrammer Jana Kirchhofer in her ever-changing 65m² Altbau apartment and helped her redecorate her walls.

Gifting & Trends

Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

Looking for a gift for the woman who has everything? Pairing art with her personality and interests will certainly bring a smile to her face.

Interiors & Décor

Décor Ideas for Your Home Office

Transform your workspace into an oasis of productivity with the right colour palette, some refreshing plants, and handy accessories.

Interview with Dieter Braun

Dieter Braun's vivid vector drawings capture the vibrancy of the animal kingdom. We sat down with the German illustrator to hear about his wild adventures.

JUNIQE artist

At Home with Sarah Ramroth

We visited Wohnglück blogger Sarah Ramroth's colourful home in the heart of Hamburg to chat about abstract art, gallery walls and Scandinavian design.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Maarten Léon

We chatted with the surrealist Dutch artist about growing up, emotional self-reflexion, and the role humour plays in his work.

Wanderlust: The Art of Travel

Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, or London—wheverever you're off to next, our article features city tips from JUNIQE staff locals to give you an authentic trip.

Interiors & Décor

Bathroom Beauty: Décor Inspiration

We asked four of our JUNIQE staff to share their favourite bathroom rituals and picked the perfect accessories and wall art to match their steamy routines.

The Colour Wheel: Summer Blues

Blue is the hue of peace and calm. It's the colour of azure skies and marine oceans. Bring that holiday spirit into your interior with a dash of true blue.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Ballack Art House

Ivan blends desaturated landscapes, vintage vehicles, and pop-art photography to form a visual narrative of longing. Read more in our artist interview.

Gifting & Trends

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

30th birthdays are a biggie. Help them glide into the next chapter of their life with wall art gift ideas to match their personality.

Deconstructing Marble and Terrazzo

Two versatile materials that are right on trend at the moment: marble and terrazzo. We did some digging to discover their role in history and their significance in the world of design. Find out here how to let terrazzo steal the show.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Treechild

We had a chat with the Swiss-based artist about her creative inspiration, childhood dreams, and how she likes to let off steam.

Kitchen Décor: A Feast for the Eyes

Fancy food blogs, scrumptious street food stalls, and meticulously staged, instagrammable dishes all show that food has truly evolved into an artform. We put together the perfect recipe for a stylish, art-filled kitchen.

The Language of Flowers

Is your mum as proud as a sunflower, as innocent as a daisy, or as pure as a lily? Find out which flower to gift her in our floral art feature.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Matevž Kosterov

Mastevž recently returned from a stint in Berlin to his enchanting native Slovenia. We sat down with him to find out why and chat about his love for nature.

Gifting & Trends

Frida Kahlo: From Artist to Muse

A style icon, inspirational feminist, and celebrated artist the world over—we took a look at the Mexican painter's life and work.

The Colour Wheel: Pretty in Pink

From quartz to millennial, pink permeates trend-setting publications and interiors alike. Find out how to freshen up your décor with a touch of rose.

JUNIQE artistInteriors & Décor

At Home with Anne Dirfard

Hamburg-based interior consultant and blogger Anne Dirfard invited us over to swap aesthetic tips, style tricks, and much more.

Art for the Kids Room

Our guide to filling your kids' room with a generous portion of imagination and a whole heap of fantasy that will light up their little faces.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with POTF

We visited the two Austrians behind Picture on the Fridge in their studio and used the opportunity to talk photography, Vienna, and fridge art.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Founder Lea Lange

Always wanted to know what our founder Lea thinks about the challenges and essential qualities of a budding entrepreneur? Then read on!

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Amit Shimoni

From hipster Obama to scenester Merkel, Amit's Hipstory series has received much acclaim. We talked Tel Aviv, Generation Y and more with the Israeli artist.

Wabi Sabi: The Art of Imperfection

Perfectly imperfect: the Japanese design aesthetic celebrates naturalness, simplicity, and impermanence in a style that really captures our zeitgeist.

Animal Art with Character

Are you as flamboyant as a flamingo or as passionate as a penguin? Channel your spirit animal with our feature on wild wall art.

Gifting & Trends

10 Ideas for a Cosy Home

Winter is the perfect time to cosify your home. Here are our ten decorating tips to transform your interior into an oasis of serenity.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Bianca Green

From Montevideo to San Fran, the German-Brazilian artist Bianca Green has seen the world. We sat down with her to find out more about her inspiration.

The Power of Words

Learn how these winged words first took flight and discover snappy sayings and phenomenal phrases that will keep you motivated day after day.

JUNIQE artist

At Home with Tanja Demmerath

From Scandinavian furniture to pastel prints, Tanja's interior is powerful and composed. We visited her maisonette in Berlin's suburbs to learn her secrets.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Leigh Viner

Leigh Viner blends watercolours, inks, acrylics and charcoal to create delicate protagonists. We sat down over a large glass of wine to find out more.

Gifting & Trends

7 Great Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

What to get the man who seemingly has everything? Whether it's your dad, brother, or boyfriend, you're sure to find a nice surprise for them here.

5 Great Ways to Hang and Display Wall Art - Without Drilling

Our interior experts joined forces with tesa and came up with five great ideas to hang your pictures without nails—sans heavy machinery and irreversible holes.

Tutorial: 5 Fun Ways to Hang Posters

So you’ve settled on a selection of your favourite JUNIQE posters. Congrats! Now comes our challenge to you: Take the plunge beyond sticky tack and expand your sticking style!

Turn Your New House Into a Home: 5 Simple Mantras

Whether you’re in the process of setting up a humble Scandinavian-esque abode, or wildly dreaming of recreating Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico: your home is your temple.

Interiors & Décor

Tutorial: How to Hang Your Prints Salon Style

In our tutorial we give you the low-down, with hacks that will help you make up your mind and give you the confidence to hit the nail on the head.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Lila x Lola

We sat down with Lola Peacock aka Lila x Lola over a drink and had a chat about life Down Under, her creative journey and the beauty of motherhood.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Victoria Verbaan

We sat down with Victoria Verbaan over a drink and had a little chat about primates, Bunny Chow and the woman she aspires to be.

JUNIQE artist

Interview with Gretchen Roehrs

We sat down with Gretchen Roehrs over a drink and had a chat about candy, croissants and her obsession with the shapes she finds in nature.