You have 1001 different ideas how you want to hang up those prints you love, but just can’t work up the nerve to face the wall with hammer-in-hand? Have no fear. We’re here to help. In our tutorial* we give you the low-down, with hacks that will help you make up your mind and give you the confidence to hit the nail on the head. Your Salon Style Gallery Wall will be up in no time. Watch, learn and DIY!

*Caution: time-saving tricks and extraordinary results may ensue. Inspiration guaranteed.

So what precisely is a Salon Style Gallery Wall you ask?

Basically, it’s whatever you want it to be. You combine a selection of prints that can be completely different sizes, colours and styles. You decide what goes where. When arranged on your wall, they just work! Think of it as a type of collage for your interior. And the best part is: there is no right and wrong. Whatever works for you is the right way to go.

You will need:

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Framed Prints
  • Craft Paper (approx. 3 meters should be enough)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Stick


Start off by measuring how much space you have on your wall to hang your prints.



Next, layout all your prints on the floor and arrange them in the same way you envision them on your wall. Try out different combinations and constellations and go for what speaks to you most. By the way, it’s often easiest if you start with the prints that will go in the middle and work your way outwards.


When you have decided on an arrangement, create paper a template of each print. Laying out the prints on the paper, use a pencil to draw the outline of each one. Then cut them out. Now you have your paper templates! Mark an X at the top of each template to indicate where the nail is going to go..



Tape the templates to the wall according to the arrangement chose. Now you can really start to see what your Gallery Wall is going to look like when you are finished. Make sure everything is exactly where you want it to be. This is your chance to make small adjustments.


Now for the manual labour. Guided by the X you marked at the top of each template, hammer the nails it into the wall.



The templates have fulfilled their purpose and you can rip them right off. This part is surprisingly satisfying. Now for the moment of truth. Hang each print up on its designated nail. Voilà! Step back and admire your very own Salon Style Gallery Wall.

Yup, it’s that easy. The great thing about your Salon Style Gallery Wall is that you can always switch around the prints or even add new ones if you are feeling in the mood for a bit of a change. Let your intuition guide you and hang things exactly the way you want them. Picture Perfect.

Text: Joséphine Dusol