Pink: a colour that has come to dominate the pages of style and fashion editorials. From quartz to millennial, its hues permeate trend-setting publications and interiors alike. What makes this colour so alluring? Its versatility, no doubt. Pink is a shade of a thousand faces—from the soft feathers of a flamingo to the sweet pop of strawberry bubble-gum. It’s time to spin the colour wheel and embrace pink!

Strawberries served with vanilla and mint

With your head in the clouds and your heart on your sleeve, you’re as sweet as life itself. Pastel’s your style—vintage tones with a timeless beauty that’s as current as ever. Ethereal colours mingle and unravel in interiors as beautiful as they are soothing. Wall art sporting peach, powder and rose adorn your décor—soft shades that sit perfectly with aquas, mints and vanillas to give a rounded palette. Add a few plants for a touch of green and escape into the jungle of your dreams.


Flamboyant flamingos and sparkling bubble gum

It’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last: the 80s are back in full aesthetic force with a retro revival of raspberry, bubblegum and candy. Add a dollop of sentimentally sweet nostalgia to your interior with pink cushions that leave a saccharine aftertaste. It’s time to embrace the magic of the 80s with skateboarding flamingos and strawberry doughnuts. Relive the decade of dance for an interior that pops as you roller-skate into a disco of dazzling pink décor.


Black, white and a touch of powder

But what if you don't see life in technicolour? What if your interior conforms to a more sober, monochrome palette? From razor-sharp lines to reduced typography to the neutrality of grey—you’re simply drawn towards minimalism. In terms of décor, pink and grey form a complementarity binary, an aesthetic yin and yang. A neutral shade, grey elegantly counterbalances the femininity and youthful vitality of pink wall art. Furnish your monochrome with the discreet touches of a sensitive rose. Think close-ups of magnolias or stunning black and white photography set to powder pink. And with silver aluminium frames, your restrained, graceful palette will really come to life.


As great as Gatsby

The resurgence of art deco in recent years has hurled us back through time into a luxurious atmosphere of solid marble, velvet seats, wooden furniture and precious metals. And if there’s one colour that blends perfectly with these materials, it’s the ageing rose of dusky pink. The fervently fashionable shade of the 30s will give any interior the air of The Great Gatsby. Pink also blends with oranges and reds to create deep purple, burnt orange and bordeaux tones—all of which are making much-deserved comebacks. Combined with a complementary forest green or the discreet shine of copper, your room will be transformed into a chic mise en scène Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald could have kindled their love in.


Text: Diane Mironesco
Translation: Nicholas Potter