How to Redecorate As Your Kids Grow up How to Redecorate As Your Kids Grow up

From toddler to teenager, get bedroom wall art they’ll love

From toddler to teenager, get bedroom wall art they’ll love

From taking their first steps to embarking on solo adventures, your children are constantly growing and developing—as are their personal tastes and interests. By following our kids room décor tips, you’ll encourage your little one(s) to keep learning, dreaming and expressing themselves at every stage of growing up. Help them spread their wings!

Newborn bambinos

Your baby bump’s getting bigger, and with it your desire to prepare everything ready for the big day. If you’ve not done so already, this most certainly involves setting up a nursery that’s playful, imaginative and bright—because as you well know, such surroundings are vital to your baby’s wellbeing and development. While building blocks and cuddly bears, are great for nurturing tactile instincts, they’ll internalise sounds much better with the aid of nursery rhymes and instruments such as xylophones. Try stimulating your little one visually too vis-à-vis picture books, ceiling decorations and some wall art hung up by their cradle.

Did you know that, until the age of around one, babies can only see things in black and white? This doesn’t mean, however, that you should restrict their bedroom colour palette to mere monochrome. Before you know it, your cherub’s eyesight will have fully developed anyway—and in the meantime, you can’t go wrong with a few splashes of colour to brighten up all those moments spent changing nappies and rocking your baby to sleep. Colorful prints we’d particularly recommend? Cheerful sunshines, friendly animals and juicy fruits—perfect for teaching your little angel the basic shapes and, when the time is right, the colours of the rainbow.

Another benefit to decorating your nursery in colour is that it’ll give your toddler reason to smile even on the rainiest of days. When they can’t play outside, they can at least have fun in their room toying with their building blocks and cuddly bears. All the while they’ll have cheery wall art looking down on them, which’ll also happen to make your post-playtime clean-up all that more bearable.

Curious little learners

Around the age of five, your child will be ready to leave nursery and join the big kids at school. Now able to count from 1 to 20, they’re so keen to learn more. “What?”, “How?” and “Why?” are their new favourite phrases; you’ve never seen them so inquisitive! So spur on this thirst for learning by hanging multicoloured alphabet prints and animal illustrations in their bedroom. Use these to teach your youngster their ABC and how to differentiate, for example, between a gorilla and a chimpanzee. Their homework’ll be a breeze.

Don’t forget, though, to tend to your kid’s imagination; this is equally as important as teaching them the facts and figures. Spend afternoons together drawing, take them on outdoor adventures and read them regular nighttime stories… In doing so, you’re bound to bring out their inner pirate or princess (or both!). What’s missing? Some wall art for their bedroom that fosters their fascination with dreamworlds and fantasies—think fictional universes, fairytale characters, mythical creatures, and anthropomorphic animals.

Trendy teeny-boppers

Soon enough, your pride and joy has grown out of their childhood toys and no longer needs mollycoddling by mum and dad. Gone are the days of regular family outings, being picked up from school and waiting for a goodnight kiss. Now it’s all about fitting in with their friends and classmates, and working out their dreams for the future—whether it’s becoming a world-class footballer, YouTube star or fashion designer.

How bedrooms look at this age? There’ll most certainly be a bunch of beanbags and a big cosy bed for having sleepovers and hanging out with friends. Once open and welcoming, their door is now kept comfortably closed. Your tweenie’s discovered a new sense of privacy and independence, and will most likely now want to choose their wall art for themselves. Expect them to go for identity-markers such as their favourite sports, actors like Daniel Craig, and pop stars such as Kanye.

All grown up...

Sooner or later, your youngling will have spawned into a fully-fledged adult. This transition is usually accompanied by major milestones like graduating from school, heading on their first parent-free holiday, getting into a relationship and—as much as you don’t want to believe it—moving out of the family home. It’s finally time for them to fly the nest and venture to university or the professional world.

Reflecting all this is your child’s increasingly mature, sophisticated décor choices. Having long said goodbye to their boyband posters, model cars, floral bedding and sleepover snaps, they’ll now want to adorn their walls with carefully-selected pieces of art. They’re a fan of cult films? Then they’ll go for movie posters. They’re a trend-aware Instagrammer? Then expect print requests of fashion capitals and style icons. And as for keen concert-goers and aspiring globetrotters, we’ve got the musicians and travel destinations to bring the wider world onto their doorstep.

Ready to roll? Then follow our above tips to decorate your child’s bedroom according to their age and all the changing attitudes and interests that come with it. Because with an enchanted cave or a secret hideout to call one’s own, growing up becomes twice as much fun.

Text: Ina Schulze

Translation: Lucy Woods