Children are dreamers, pure and simple. Their imaginations run wild, their spirits free. They can conceive the improbable and think the impossible. As parents, it’s our job to encourage these traits in every way possible. The décor we choose for their rooms requires care and consideration, because young minds are highly receptive to their environments. They absorb colours, shapes, scenes and signs, all helping them didactically and honing their cognitive faculties. Beautiful art thus creates a playful backdrop for their enchanting adventures.

From snazzy superheroes to adorable animals to dreamy landscapes, get inspired by our wall art ideas for boys and girls and find the right posters for your kids’ rooms.

Superheroes save the day

Babies come into this world with innocence and optimism. Once they’ve grown from toddlers to preschoolers, they crave cartoons, comics and bedtime stories—all chock-full of aspirational figures, such as Wonder Woman and Peter Parker. They fantasise about heroic fights between good and evil, instilling a profound sense of right and wrong. And it’s through these epic battles between vicious villains and snazzy superheroes that they form their moral compass.

Oh to be a child again, and allow fabled fiction to become a waking reality. There’s so much magic in their ability to dream of flying in their favourite cape-wearer’s proverbial footsteps. Save the day with superhero posters for the kid’s room and let your little ones soar to the skies with super-human strength.

Take to capes with superhero prints


Adorable animals

Animals are our children’s trusty companions. They’re their furry friends who speak, sing, dance, and teach. They’re the stars of fables, tales, epics, and legends, whose unique personalities help them to climb mountains and host dinner parties.

Let birds chorus from their walls, cheeky woodland critters hop around their bedrooms, and beasts of the jungle watch over them with our adorable animal prints for the children’s room. Like the perseverance of a flightless penguin floating away to the skies, we can all learn something from the animal kingdom.

Play house with animal prints


Dreamy landscapes of slumberland

For kids, the bedroom is more than just a space to catch some Zs. It’s where they play by day, and drift into a dream world of fervid fantasy and irresistible imagination by night. By setting the stage for round-the-clock adventures, we guide our sons and daughters down the rabbit hole into a realm of talking bears, winged deer, and mad tea parties; into a world of flying whales, where they can fish for stars; an upside-down universe of magical creatures and mythical beings.

Oh, the places they’ll go when they embark on their sleepy odysseys... Enchant the kids’ room with our dreamiest wall art.

Drift off with dreamy prints

Books for bedtime

There’s nothing more precious than carrying them to bed after they’ve fallen asleep to their favourite story. And there’s nothing more fun than an art-filled adventure before bedtime. Our children’s books combine illustrations and storytelling to make fun reads for the whole family.

Daniela Roessler’s interactive colouring book Sophia Hears Colours encourages kids to open up their sense of perception to new possibilities. They can befriend a special dog who can see sounds and taste letters. Or why not take them on an edu-taining safari with Amy Hamilton’s Wildlife of Europe—an encyclopaedia where facts and illustrations introduce the fascinating realms of the animal kingdom.


Whether your daughter dreams of becoming Batman and saving Gotham City by night, or your son sees himself swinging from jungle trees by day, or the whole family pretends to float to the skies on the back of a whale, transform your kids’ room into a paradise of possibilities.

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Text: Nicholas Potter