Your newly purchased framed prints are starting to collect dust in the corner. You haven’t had time to borrow a drill from your neighbour. And you still need to muster up the courage to work your way into those perfectly smooth walls. Perhaps you are worried about drilling into a water pipe or electrical line. At JUNIQE we are all too familiar with these obstacles and challenges. And incidentally, so are our friends at tesa?. Our interior experts joined forces, and came up with five great ideas for ways to hang and display your pictures—sans heavy machinery and irreversible holes.

1 - Lean them against the wall

Interested in channelling a bit of art studio flair? Choose an extraordinarily large, framed print, place it on the floor and lean it against the wall. We have a wide selection of oversized artwork and are confident you will find the one that's right for you. That said, when it comes to extra-large art, our interior decorators are especially big fans of typography and photography prints.


2 - Hang them with adhesive tape

Tesa engineered an ingenious collection of adhesive nails and screws with which drilling becomes a thing of the past: the Smart Mounting System. The tesa? Powerbond mounting tapes, for example, are adhesive on a wide range of surface-types and can even support heavy frames.


3 - Bench them

Using a bench as a pedestal for your framed artwork makes for a fun and trendy display. You can also utilise the surfaces of other pieces of furniture such as a nightstand or chest of drawers for a similar effect. This is an aesthetic way of filling the otherwise empty space above low surfaces. If you are playing with the idea of pairing artwork, we recommend focussing on one colour scheme and picking out a couple of accessories to complete the look.

4 - Shelf them

Yup, you heard right; we hung the shelves in our tutorial using tesa? Powerbond mounting tapes. Shelves are a great for displaying decor a bit higher up. Create a composition with candles, plants and memorabilia. Change things up and keep your space seasonal—pale prints in the winter and a fresh pop of colour in the spring.


5 - Create colour blocks

Painting an entire wall is a commitment. As an alternative, you can build a large frame and stretch it with colourful fabric. This block of colour will help accentuate a part of the wall without requiring laborious renovations. This solution is, quite literally, a colourful canvas. Lean your framed artwork against it to create depth and structure. We recommend either choosing complimentary colours or deciding on a clear colour scheme. Just follow your instinct and play around with different ideas.


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Text: Ulrike Schäfer