Art Astrology: Written in the Stars Art Astrology: Written in the Stars

Which art is most aligned with your zodiac sign?

Which art is most aligned with your zodiac sign?

Building a bridge between the earth and the heavens, astrology is the practice of seeking life guidance from the stars. It has been pursued for centuries across the globe and remains prevalent to this day.

What do the planets say about you in terms of art? Since we’re just as curious as you are, we did a little stargazing. Find your zodiac sign below, and discover which JUNIQE artworks are destined for you.

Fire signs: Leo, Sagittarius and Aries

Fire signs are characterised by their energy and passion. They love being spontaneous, taking on adventures, and facing up to new challenges. To mirror this enthusiasm, we propose posters with empowering slogans and quotes.

If blinded by determination, the fire signs’ strength of character may occasionally turn into hot-headedness. The best aesthetic remedy for this would be our cool, calm, prints of lakesides and seascapes—bound to keep any blazes at bay.

Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Pragmatism and self-discipline are the defining characteristics of earth signs. With both their feet firmly rooted on the ground, they’ll do all they can to achieve their goals. The perfect décor environment to match this is our photography of trees and forests—botanical personifications of the earth signs’ groundedness and drive.

Moreover, these star signs make the most loyal of companions. In their bedroom, they’re bound to have photos of family and friends hanging up—the ideal aesthetic accompaniment to which would be I Got Your Back by Céleste Wallaert or the romantic line drawings of Quibe.

Air signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini

Air signs have a thirst for knowledge and discovery. They thrive on meeting people, exploring places and opening their minds to new ideas. With the help of travel-themed décor, they can satiate their constant appetite for adventure—until their next getaway...

As the cheeriest of the elements, air signs are well-matched with the colour yellow. Be it prints of zesty lemons or sunflower-lined meadows, yellow art will make their walls shine as bright as their smiles. It’ll also reflect their vivid imagination, which they often express by leading a creative career.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The predominant traits of water signs are empathy and sensitivity. Speaking from the heart, they can always be relied on for advice and support. Just like them, abstract art follows instinct over rationality and is particularly suited to water signs in harmonious shades of blue.

Whereas fires tend towards irascibility, the water signs are more inclined to waves of nervousness and over-sensitivity. By opting for prints of boats and harbours, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces can anchor themselves back to stable shores.

Text: Ina Schulze

Translation: Lucy Woods

Photo 1: Think Happy by Mottos by Sinan Saydik + I Love the Sea by Ingrid Beddoes

Photo 2: I Got Your Back by Céleste Wallaert + Morning Mist by @goldenhourpictures by EyeEm

Photo 3: Schweden by Katinka Reinke + Around the World by Ads Libitum + Zest by Florent Bodart

Photo 4: Lonely Boat by Marcus Cederberg + Graphic 150 C by Mareike Böhmer