The JUNQE Colouring Book: Making Life More Colourful

The JUNQE Colouring Book: Making Life More Colourful

In collaboration with our artists, we compiled a colouring book full of beautiful illustrations to keep your whole family busy—and to bring a bit of colour to your day!

For the little ones...

No school? Stuck inside? The time is passing far too slowly and your little ones are bored? At least the imagination and creativity of your budding little artists can roam free (while you enjoy a little respite). Perfect for busy bees and free spirits who like to colour outside the lines.

...and the not so little!

Whether you're running low on inspiration or just need to give your busy mind a break, colours and crayons aren't just for kids. Take advantage of the calming and therapeutic effect of colouring to relax and refocus.

Show us your talent

Become part of our Instagram community at @juniqeartshop, and share the colourful creations of your little ones (or your own!) using the hashtag #juniqecolours.

Text: Roxane Pronier

Translation: Caitlin Hughes