How to Style Your Space Like a Pro How to Style Your Space Like a Pro

We asked MYCS design director, Paul Schöneburg, to share his tips and tricks for getting interior design right the first time around, the pitfalls to avoid, and the trends to watch out for next.

We asked MYCS design director, Paul Schöneburg, to share his tips and tricks for getting interior design right the first time around, the pitfalls to avoid, and the trends to watch out for next.

Connected through a love of interiors and an appreciation of aesthetics, JUNIQE and furniture brand MYCS have plenty in common. We caught up with Paul Schoneburg, design director at MYCS, for his professional take on creating a stylish interior, as well as his forecasts for future interior trends. As someone who designs the kind of furniture we lust over when curating our ‘home inspiration’ Pinterest boards, Paul has plenty of expertise and helpful ideas on how to make your home the best version of itself. Ready? Let's go!

Hi, Paul! As Design Director, what does a typical day at MYCS look like for you?

The day starts with a short stand-up. My team and I discuss the individual products and their development status. Based on this, we plan launches, PR campaigns and the introduction of new products. In addition to the design of the products, I’m also involved in the design of the showrooms and the development of user interfaces.

The most exciting part is developing products that anticipate what customers want. The digital products have to look 100% realistic and true to the original—it’s the only way the customer can imagine them in their home.

What would you say are the fundamental rules of a well-designed space?

Balance. Balance in terms of proportion, colours, and combinations.

What are the biggest mistakes to avoid when styling or redecorating?

Wanting to implement too many ideas or trends at once. Every room has its own specificity. It’s important to recognise this and play with it step by step. Better too little than too much!

What are your top tips for getting interior styling right the first time?

Start with small steps. Let the changes take effect for a certain amount of time and then reevaluate. Don’t do everything at once. Slowly swap one thing for another to see how it interacts with other elements. This way, you become more confident in your choices and can continue styling your space in a more targeted manner.

What do you think are the most important aspects to consider when furnishing an apartment?

For me, everything comes down to the light: natural or adaptive, indirect or direct. The effect a room has on us can be entirely changed through light. It can be used in a way that creates completely individual situations and moods.

What tips would you give people who are in the process of finding their personal style?

Just try things out. Don't let yourself be influenced too much by other people’s opinions. Feeling good is the key—and that's totally subjective. Interior design magazines help just as much as catalogues and stores from furniture companies. Well-made films can also be a good source of inspiration.

Which piece of furniture that you own is your favourite? Is there a story to it?

A small lamp by Achille Castiglioni. It’s been with me for many years and I’m always amazed at how well it fits into new spaces. For me, that's the greatest value of good design.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Most likely in nature. You often find very simple solutions to complex challenges there. Function and aesthetics always result in a perfect symbiosis.

What are your favourite design trends right now?

Sustainability, specifically the return to natural materials and processes from which we can benefit for a very long time. The fact that the industry is increasingly turning to sustainable solutions makes me very happy.

Do you have any design trend predictions we should be keeping an eye out for?

I think living in harmony with nature is a big topic right now. The pandemic has shown how important plants and nature are for us humans. Products made from natural materials are experiencing an absolute boom, and rightly so. Colours and fabrics are already making reference to this. I think this is one of the future megatrends.

Thanks a lot, Paul!

If you feel like designing your own couch, table or sideboard now, Explore some of Paul's furniture with the MYCS online configurator. Or maybe you’re interested in what JUNIQE is doing in terms of sustainability? If you loved the interior style spotted above, there are some treasures waiting for you in our Classic Blue, Art Classics and Abstract Art collections.

Text: Eva Klann

Translation: Caitlin Hughes