When Colours tell Stories When Colours tell Stories

Live colourful, live bold - with JUNIQE x Mynt

Live colourful, live bold - with JUNIQE x Mynt

Colour is at the heart of art and design. It transforms, enhances, and inspires, and because we know how important it is, we decided to team up with the innovative colour brand Mynt for an exclusive collaboration. Together, we created four limited edition, eco-friendly wall colours for Spring/Summer 2022, as well as an accompanying poster collection showcasing the latest trends in lifestyle and living.

Neutral Nude, Mintfulness, Soft Sakura and Love Me Lavender are not only beautifully refreshing and sustainable - they also have a lot to say! Find out more about the individual colour stories and be inspired to live a colourful and bold life, authentic to yourself.


In the land of the rising sun, the cherry blossom (or Sakura in Japanese), represents the beauty of life, new beginnings, and the start of spring. Those lucky enough to catch cherry blossom season in Japan often have to stop, awestruck, and simply admire with a smile for a moment, an hour, or until the sun goes down. Soft Sakura captures this moment. Elegant yet playful, the colour is reminiscent of the delicate light pink of the cherry blossom petals and invites us to appreciate the beauty all around us.


Bright, cheerful, and emanating self-confidence, pastel shades have clearly lost their baby teeth and have now developed into a fully-grown fashion, lifestyle and interior design trend. Need proof? Love Me Lavender. Especially perfect in bright, sunny spaces, this delightful shade of lilac can be a charming accent or used to illuminate entire rooms–making it clear once and for all that it’s here to stay.


The Art Deco of the 20s, the pastel renaissance of the 50s, the country house movement of the 90s. Mint green was everywhere, and quite rightly so. More subtle than turquoise and warmer than sage, Mintfulness is a bold addition to your colour palette that embellishes any room with a cool breeze and summery touch. At first glance, the shade is invigorating, but at second, It has an undeniable calming effect–and perhaps that is where its very special charm lies.


With its clean, pared down aesthetic, Neutral Nude draws focus to the essentials and leaves room for your own inspiration. Simple yet compelling, timeless yet contemporary, this shade exudes just the right amount of warmth and light to transform and enhance in a gentle way.

All 8 designs from the JUNIQE x Mynt collection will be available on juniqe.com and juniqe.co.uk from 24.04. The wall paints, limited to 50 cans each, will launch on mynthome.de on the same day.

Text: Eva Klann

Translation: Niki Brennan

Image 1: "Lucky Twist"

Image 2: "At Its Peak"

Image 3: "Flexing Anemone"

Image 4: "Create And Contemplate"