Astronomy and Space Posters

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Rocket (wo)man

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, humans were attempting to blast off to the cosmos in search of interstellar interiors and the final aesthetic frontier. So began the art wars: a planetary battle for all that is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Join the art race and take your walls to infinity and beyond with intergalactic space posters.

Back to the future

From ancient Mayan celestial calendars to the astronomy of Galileo, throughout history, we have gazed towards the stars in search of answers. We stare longingly, picturing destinations unknown, extra-terrestrial beings and utopian worlds. The skies have illuminated our dreams—and our aesthetic output too.

Blasting our imaginations off to the cosmos means leaving the here and now. It means propelling ourselves into a future of infinite possibility. But these visions are themselves shaped by the very time they seek to escape. From art to film, our fascination with space is often expressed by a retro-futurism that is at once lights years ahead and firmly rooted in the past. So take your interior to warp speed with vintage space art from the future.

Fly me to the moon

Our night sky is lit up by our own lunar night light—a celestial satellite that brings waves to the oceans, transforms humans into werewolves, and has inspired us throughout the ages. Whether it’s George Méliès’ pioneering black and white film Le Voyage dans la Lune or Sinatra’s classic rendition of Fly Me to the Moon, our orbiting block of cheese has left a sizeable crater on our popular culture. Boldly go where no art-lover has gone before with space art prints and posters featuring our magnificent moon.