Lo’ and behold, we are proud to present the resulting collection of artworks as part of our exhibition running from 12th–17th September during the Berlin Art Week. All of the designs in this exclusive series are available to purchase online. After ordering from the collection, you’ll also receive a voucher by email for 10% off your next Casper mattress. Sweet dreams!

Crimson Roses
Artist: Antony Squizzato

Artist: Wuukasch

Dreamer: Sabrina

“I found myself underwater. Floating. Above me: the sun's rays broke through the dark blue of the sea. Beneath me: a forest of crimson trees whose golden leaves drifted towards the water's surface.”

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Wanna Rest My Head On
Artist: Esra Gülmen

Dreamer: Annegret

“To the left and right lay fields. In the middle—a path. The path led to a beautifully-shaped tree. Underneath it, a bench to relax on. The day's last rays of sun shone through floating clouds, against the backdrop of an azure, summer sky. I walked towards the tree, to the bench beneath, in search of tranquillity; in search of a solution to all life's problems. A solution of simplicity and peace.”


Tropical Dream
Artist: Linda Gobeta

Dreamer: Carlos

“When I was younger, I had this dream about my first apartment in my hometown in Colombia. It was a loft filled with all my favourite things—French windows, a spacious balcony, lush plants and tropical flowers. A magnificent toucan guarded my little piece of paradise. I shared this space with all these wonderful things and beings. Unfortunately, that's all I can remember.”


Look Around You, Everything Is Beautiful
Artist: Maarten Léon

Dreamer: Alexa

“My dreams often have a surreal quality. Last night, I was walking in a futuristic, minimalist city where everything was tiny—everything from the buildings to the roads was miniature. There were no other people but I never felt alone. I could always feel somebody's presence, somebody watching me. But not in a weird way. Perhaps they were hiding from me? I could touch the tall buildings and change their shape. I could play with them and everything was colourful and bright. There was no sun. Instead, little balls of energy followed me around.”


Artist: Svenja Trierscheid

Dreamer: Nadine

“I dreamt that I was in a giant nest. The nest was high up on a hillside. It was a clear night, with a beautiful starry sky. There were three glittering eggs in the nest that hadn't yet hatched. I felt cold. Suddenly, a beautiful, red-feathered bird appeared and wrapped his wings around me to provide me with warmth.”


Cotton Candy Skies
Artist: George Griefy

Dreamer: Anja

“I dreamt of a ride in a hot air balloon. I distinctly remember the beautiful landscapes and breath-taking views. Ever since, I keep having recurring dreams of a bright, blue sky in which dozens of colourful balloons drift over the horizon.”


Artist: Swen Swensøn

Dreamer: Noemi

“There was a flurry falling from the sky—all around, it was raining paintbrushes. Everyone began to pick them up and started painting. Taking inspiration from the night's sky, someone started painting the moon. It was then that I woke up.”

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