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Fairies have it good. They just need to flick their magic wand once and bam, they can read new parents’ minds and conjure up the perfect presents for births or christenings. Lucky for us, they let us in on a few of their secrets.

Our in-house faries spilled the beans on the best gift ideas for newborns.

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Wall Art

Once upon a time…

…there was a prince and a princess who married and had lots of children. Or maybe they didn’t. Maybe it was two princes? Or maybe they weren’t even royal. And maybe it was just one child actually.

Either way: One day they brought a delightful little being into this world—or they adopted—and shared the good news with all the lands.

Now you have the honour of congratulating the lucky parents with an amazing present for their newborn. No easy task, but: We asked our resident gift fairies for some help and they bombarded us with posters for their nursery and congratulations cards.

Three wishes left

From cots to scales to little bottles, parents have usually already thought of everything for the arrival of their new little earthling. But if they had a magic lamp, what would they ask the Genie for?

In all the hustle and bustle what young parents often crave is a moment to catch their breath. So be a good fairy and give them a baby shower gift that can come to their rescue. Why not throw in a cosy blanket to help with a much needed round of R&R? Or a stylish cushion to rest their sleepy head against for forty winks?

And they lived happily ever after

News of the baby’s birth filled the whole kingqueendom with excitement and joy and the parents settled into the next chapter of their wonderful lives. And what was the secret to a happy end? A happy castle!

Create the perfect sleepy wonderland by transforming the baby’s room into a palace of dreams. But how? What about some playful wall art full of fantasy and imagination? Think cute elephants, cheeky giraffes, majestic toucans and cuddly bears. Bring their walls to life with prints that simply make you go: “awwwww!”