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What parents want

Your parents mean the world to you, even if your old man makes a cringey dad-joke every now and again, your mum gives you questionable fashion tips, or your step-dad acts like he’s your best mate.

You know all their penchants and foibles. So find gifts for Mum & Dad that suit their personalities. For Dad, the part-time clown and jester, why not get a pillow with a funny saying? And for Mum, the best gardener in all the lands, a botanical print? But for parents with a more classical taste? Try timelessly beautiful black and white prints or minimalist architectural photos.

From the heart

Perhaps your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary is creeping up. Or maybe they’ve moved on and are happy in new relationships. Whatever the situation, love is a theme that just doesn’t lose its magic over the years. So next time your parents invite you to a Christmas dinner or birthday lunch, bring them a present that underpins what unites them.

Perhaps they went on a trip to the Big Apple last year? Or they’ve still got rock’n’roll running thick through their veins? Find them a gift that connects their past and present.

Back to the roots

You’ve been sorely missed ever since you’ve left the parental nest. And the weekly invitation to come home for a visit is a testament to this. Perhaps Mum or Dad’s next birthday would be a good time to finally swing by?

Give your parents the attention they’ve given you over the years. As a student, your mum always sent you care packages to comfort you. Well now it’s her turn to receive a gift. Why not bring breath of fresh air into her home with some new bath towels or a cute set of tea towels. Even if you don’t manage to visit every weekend.

With Mother’s Day 2023 right around the corner, find inspiration for gift ideas by browsing our collection of our softest, sweetest, and most nurturing prints. Celebrate mum with springtime-colours, florals, hearts, and small furry animals. Let the poster do the talking with a motivational quote telling her just how much she means to you, perfect as a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.