Bedding for Kids and the Nursery

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Next stop: Slumberland

When we doze off into a peaceful slumber, we say we slept like a baby. Indeed, newborns can—enviously to some of us adults—sleep up to a whopping 17 hours a day. Like siestaing sloths, drowsy koalas or hibernating bears, kids turn napping into a competitive sport and take home gold every time.

Since they arguably spend more time in bed than anywhere else, playful nursery bedding is a must. It can excite their fantasy and ignite their imaginations, sending them off to an action-packed and adventure-filled dreamland.

Two’s company, three's a party

Kids are likes sponges—they absorb everything around them with fascination, taking it all in as fuel for their fantasies. When naptime comes along, they drift into dreams inspired by all that has stimulated them throughout the day. With playful nursery bedding, you can steer their subconscious ship towards fun waters filled with dancing giraffes, schools of sharks and tropical birds.

Bring the animal kingdom to their sheets with cuddly bears, curious cats, and friendly foxes—they’ll never sleep alone again. Feeling wild? Go for dinosaur bedding and let their nursery roar.

Footsteps are for following

As kids we dream of the future. Of blasting off to space. Of saving the world. Of the heroines we shall one day become. Every child has a role model, someone in whose footsteps they one day wish to follow—be they real or fictitious. And when they close their eyes every night before dozing off, they may well just be thinking of that inspiring figure, fearless superhero, or shining star.

Whether they dream of a future that's female or fighting crime like Batman, find some nursery bedding sporting their hopes and heroes.