Alphabet Themed Cushions and Cushion Covers

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U & I forever

In rhetoric, a synecdoche is a part that stands for a whole. Immense meaning and symbolism can be expressed through a stripped-back form—sometimes, less is more. Removed from the words and phrases in which we read them every day, single letters can have a deep, personal meaning.

They can channel feelings, thoughts, memories, and bonds. They can stand for that special someone. That certain place. That particular feeling. Their coded meaning is both clear to those in the know and subtly concealed from those who aren’t—meaning, hiding in plain sight. Find a pillow that speaks to you in our selection of letter cushions.

Costume drama in 26 acts

Standing for themselves as singular letters, attention is shifted away from their wider meaning within words. The focus becomes on the intrinsic beauty of our language: 26 delicately formed symbols, each unique, which, in the right combination, can transcribe the works of Homer, the sonnets of Shakespeare, or a tweet about what you ate for breakfast.

Like actresses, we dress these letters in ornate costumes—fonts and typefaces that accentuate their figures and complement their shapes. Find the right attire for a certain special letter in our collection of alphabet cushions.

Your spirit letter

Cushions aren’t just for cuddling. They say a lot about you as a person. Patterned pillows give off a modern, composed feel. Skull cushions, on the other hand, bring out your dark side, transforming your couch into a Hamletesque pirate’s lair. Whether you pick E to symbolise your elephant-like loyalty, or C to symbolise your adaptable inner chameleon, find a letter cushion that speaks to your soul.